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Brand Loyalty in 2019: How to Win the Hearts of Consumers

February 14, 2019
What does it take to win the hearts of consumers in 2019? What do consumers expect from brands in exchange for their love and devotion? We’ve invited a panel of marketing experts to discuss the biggest trends impacting customer loyalty this year, share examples of the brands that are winning consumer affection, and talk about how brands can take the customer relationship to the next level by investing in the right tools and technology. Join Emily Rudin, Chief Customer Officer and Ilana Leykekhman, Senior Director of Strategy & Planning at CrowdTwist, Antje Helfrich, Senior Manager at Lenati, and Aaron Dauphinee, Chief Operating Officer at The Wise Marketer in this webinar as they discuss: • Why brands are investing in omnichannel retail • How to create frictionless shopping experiences • Why consumers care about brand purpose • What customers want from loyalty programs • Why trust matters now more than ever • How to leverage AI to create one-to-one relationships • How to manage data and get personalization right
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How to Leverage Data to Drive Customer Loyalty via Personalization
How to Leverage Data to Drive Customer Loyalty via Personalization

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