Four Ways a Multichannel Loyalty Program Supercharges Marketing Strategies

September 19, 2016 Catherine Malone

Sept. 19, 2016

Retail brands contend with a constantly evolving and competitive landscape no longer led by brands. They have to compete with information, distractions, and bids for attention from a range of sources—many of them digital. For this reason, fostering loyalty among your most engaged audiences is crucial to stay ahead of competitors. Marketers are now in a position where if they don’t cater to their best customers’ affinities and lifestyles, their risk losing out to a nimbler, customer-centric competitor.

In the wake of these challenges, CrowdTwist conducted research, which reveals that while 57 percent of brands recognize the importance of building out their loyalty strategy—hence widespread plans to increase loyalty marketing budgets.

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The Generational Divide on Brand Loyalty

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