CrowdTwist Recognized with Three Loyalty360 Awards

November 2, 2018 Catherine Malone

CrowdTwist and four of its clients take home a total of seven awards at the Customer Expo in Nashville, Tenn.

CrowdTwist, a leader in multichannel loyalty and engagement solutions, today announced it was awarded three Loyalty360 awards at two award ceremonies during the annual Customer Expo in Nashville, Tenn.

CrowdTwist received a "Best in Class" Technology Award, a Platinum 360 Degree Vendor Award, and a Loyalty 360 Honors Award. CrowdTwist clients, including AMC Networks, Budweiser, Pepsi, and Sleep Number also took home awards which reflect their commitment to customer loyalty.

Best in Class Awards

CrowdTwist was recognized with a Best in Class Award for Technology during the Best in Class Awards ceremony. The Loyalty360 Best in Class Awards recognize those that have gone above and beyond in their commitment to not only Loyalty360, but have shown a unique drive, passion, focus and commitment to their customers and building unique and lasting customer experiences. The winners of the Loyalty360 Best in Class Awards were chosen by the members of the Loyalty360 editorial staff, analysts, and feedback from Loyalty360 Customer Award judges.

2018 Loyalty360 Customer Awards

The 2018 Loyalty 360 Awards ceremony recognized the brands that are building stronger and deeper relationships with their customers. Finalists were selected across nine categories, each representing a key facet of a brand's customer loyalty focus. Finalists presented their entries during the 2018 Loyalty360 Customer Expo, and attendees voted for the winners of the platinum, gold, silver and bronze awards.

CrowdTwist supported the following 2018 Loyalty360 Customer Award winning clients:

  • Budweiser was awarded Platinum in the Experience & Design Innovation category
  • AMC Networks was awarded Platinum for Loyalty & Advocacy, and Sleep Number was awarded Silver in the same category.
  • Pepsi was awarded Gold in Customer Experience & Engagement.

The competition was at its strongest this year, as Loyalty360 received more than 100 brand nominations.

Additionally, winners for the Loyalty360 360-Degree Awards and Loyalty360 Honors were also announced during the ceremony. CrowdTwist was awarded the Platinum 360-Degree Vendor Award which recognizes the solution provider whose clients had the best combined performance across all categories. CrowdTwist was also recognized with a Loyalty360 Honors Award. The Loyalty360 Honors are awarded to brands, suppliers, and individuals that, based on the extensive industry experience of Loyalty360 and the conference advisory board, have shown a unique drive, passion, focus, and commitment to advance the customer loyalty landscape.

"We were honored to recognize CrowdTwist during this year's Customer Expo for all of their contributions to Loyalty360 and their clear commitment to advancing the customer loyalty landscape. We are proud to have CrowdTwist as a dedicated Loyalty360 member and look forward to great things to come," said Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360.

"CrowdTwist is pleased to receive such prestigious awards and recognition from industry peers and we are proud of the well-deserved award wins of our clients," said Scott Matthews, CEO of CrowdTwist. "The CrowdTwist-powered programs in market today are innovating the customer experience and redefining how brands approach loyalty. These accolades demonstrate the strength of our technology and our commitment to providing our clients with the solutions they need to deepen engagement with their customers."

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