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LOYALTY PROGRAM CONSIDERATION QUESTION CHECKLIST As you evaluate the concept of building a loyalty program, it's important to review a list of considerations and questions to answer. To keep you thinking, we've developed this handy worksheet to help you move forward on your journey to achieve loyalty excellence. ™ Identify Your Goals What do you want to accomplish with a multichannel loyalty program? Does a multichannel loyalty program make sense for your brand? How do you want to position your brand — as a loyalty differentiator, or as one that keeps pace with the competition? Is your brand's value proposition strong enough for you to acquire and retain customers? Determine Measurable Metrics What metrics will help you best determine program growth? What types of user engagement would be worthwhile to measure? How would your metrics help you improve your bottom line? Are the metrics you selected reasonable? Survey the Loyalty Program Landscape What loyalty programs stand out to you and why? What are the key differentiators of your favorite loyalty program? How can you add value or compete with a program of your own? How do you want to distinguish your brand and loyalty offering? Determine What Type of Loyalty Program You Want Do you want to offer a traditional program based on the spend and get concept? Are you looking to branch out into multiple channels to reward consumers beyond points for purchase? How do discounts fit in with your brand strategy? Is it important from a brand perspective to offer one-of-a-kind rewards or products? Determine Your Rollout Plan How would your brand benefit with a key market test before a national rollout? Does your loyalty program proposal include multiple components that require staging? How flexible is your timing to have a program up and running? How important is it for your brand to launch a full program on the onset? 1 2 3 4 5

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