How Tarte Takes Marketing to the Next Level with Mobile & Loyalty

July 29, 2019 Brianna McEwan

The beauty industry is incredibly competitive, and in today’s climate of everchanging trends and an intense focus on social media, it has become harder than ever to maintain engagement with consumers.

Tarte Cosmetics is one brand that recognized how powerful loyalty and mobile can be in engaging consumers and standing out from the competition.

Ilana Leykekhman, Senior Director of Strategy & Planning at CrowdTwist, recently sat down with Kellen Fitzgerald, Director of Marketing, Digital Experience & Loyalty, and Lauren Pregiato, Digital Marketing Manager at Tarte, and Julia Trischetta, Director of Customer Success at Attentive to discuss how Tarte stays ahead of the competition by using loyalty & mobile to foster deeper relationships with their customers. Here are a few takeaways:

Meet consumers where and when they need you

Tarte knows that in this day and age, consumers expect a seamless customer experience. That’s why they aim to meet customers where they expect them to be throughout the shopping journey. This means keeping her connected and guiding her through the shopping experience by offering relevant content, and creating an intuitive and convenient experience on their site.

By monitoring various channels through customer surveys, client feedback, and one to one experiences with loyalty members, Tarte is able to understand where their customers engage with the brand most. Merging that with the latest social media and beauty trends, they can speak with their customers in relevant and compelling ways. Using these strategies, Tarte ensures that they’re meeting customers where they engage with the brand and creating the experiences that keep customers coming back.

Personalize the experience & deepen engagement

The Tarte Rewards program provides the brand with access to robust customer data, which Tarte then uses to personalize the customer experience throughout their site and on mobile. Tarte treats loyalty as a brand platform by integrating the program across the customers’ entire shopping journey. They’re able to deepen engagement by educating their customers about how certain products are used or what their correct shade of foundation might be. Tarte Rewards further helps to keep customers engaged by rewarding them for opening emails, reading blogs, and taking surveys. Between purchases, Tarte is able to foster retention and keep customers engaged by recommending new products to try, providing value through 1:1 consultations, and acknowledging loyalty status across various channels.

Integrate loyalty across all channels

Tarte integrates dynamic personalized content across all brand channels to deepen the connection with their customers. For example, loyalty members receive emails personalized with their first name, relevant exclusive promotions, and the rewards that are available for them to redeem as a way to further deepen the 1:1 connection they strive for. They personalize the experience on their website as well by including the loyalty member’s name, loyalty tier status, and available rewards throughout her web experience. Lastly, as social is such an integral part of Tarte’s DNA, they aim to connect with customers through various social channels, whether that be by posting member-envy exclusives on Instagram, or on a deeper level like a hand-written postcard or a 1:1 conversation with loyalty members.

Use loyalty and mobile to drive acquisition and awareness

Although Tarte spends a lot of time on loyalty member cultivation, they also put a big focus on driving new member acquisition. They attract new members to the program by highlighting program benefits throughout their messaging.  They create a buzz around Tarte Rewards by reaching out to non-loyalty members about member exclusive sales and events – whether that be a single promotion or a month-long campaign. By doing this, they successfully communicate the value program membership provides to their customers, encouraging more people to join.

Deepen customer connections through personalized mobile messaging

Tarte uses mobile messaging to share timely and relevant information with their customers as part of their vision to connect with their customers in a way that is both intuitive and convenient for her. They use SMS messaging to engage their customers in their shopping journey to communicate about new product launches and loyalty exclusive offers. They also utilize automated texts such as welcome messages, coupon and abandoned cart reminders, and post-purchase messages to keep members engaged between purchases. By including personalized messaging in their marketing strategy, Tarte is able to deepen the connection with their customers and create even more brand loyalty.

Find new ways to engage and stay ahead of consumer trends

Every successful brand knows that they must continually evolve their approach to consumer engagement in order to earn customer loyalty. Looking to the future, Tarte aims to find new and innovative ways to engage their consumers by learning from their past successes. For example, they aim to take successful email campaigns and leverage them for their mobile platform to better connect with members. They’ve identified a major opportunity to employ the same strategy for the loyalty program through acquisition tactics, rewards earning incentives, and general loyalty exclusive sales. Taking it one step further, they’re always driving to meet the consumer how and where she expects them. They do this in part by using mobile messaging, in addition to email, to reinforce birthday rewards, redeemable points updates, and general updates for loyalty members. Doing this ensures that their messaging remains cohesive, relevant, and convenient to their consumers. 

Lastly, they aim to use both Tarte Rewards and mobile messaging to reinforce each other. For example, a large portion of the Tarte Rewards program encourages members to engage with them on a deeper level. In the future, they see themselves not only rewarding customers for subscribing to the SMS program, but also rewarding points for engaging with SMS and clicking through SMS messages. In addition, they see themselves further personalizing the experience for loyalty members who have subscribed to SMS by offering exclusive rewards and segmented benefits.

Brands like Tarte that are investing in multichannel loyalty solutions like CrowdTwist have the ability to not only gather customer data to help them personalize the experience, but also to foster deeper relationships with consumers to set them apart from the competition and keep customers coming back.

Watch the full webinar, How Tarte Takes Marketing to the Next Level with Mobile & Loyalty, here.

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