3 Ways to Integrate Multichannel Engagement into Your Loyalty Program

January 27, 2017 Catherine Malone

When it comes to customer loyalty, it’s essential not to ignore the tried and true methods of engaging customers and rewarding them for their patronage. These particular strategies harken back to the very roots of loyalty and still provide results. To truly be successful, these original approaches should be incorporated into a larger, multichannel loyalty and engagement strategy to meet today’s consumer needs and expectations.

Drive purchases with product codes

If you are a manufacturer, you have an ideal opportunity to engage loyal customers and encourage purchases by printing codes on your product packages. This allows frequent buyers to collect points and earn merchandise in exchange for their spending habits.

Capture interest by offering free products

Who can resist a free item? Some 75 percent of consumers say discounted or free products was the most valuable loyalty program benefit, according to Nielsen. Freebies are good incentives to capture interest and persuade members to keep doing business with your brand.

Incentivize sales by distributing member-only coupons

Once you have established a relationship with your customers, you are in an ideal position to offer additional perks, such as member-only coupons within your loyalty program. This strategy allows you to further incentivize purchases and engagement with your brand based on customers’ shopping history, as well as offer creative ways to upsell members to drive spending.

Loyalty is constantly evolving. To keep pace, it’s imperative that you evolve your loyalty strategy. Offering the same program with little change provides no value to your customers. It’s time to update your traditional loyalty program and incorporate multichannel loyalty and engagement strategies to maximize your value and drive your ROI.

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