The Forrester Loyalty Wave and CrowdTwist

August 25, 2017 Catherine Malone

By CrowdTwist Chief Customer Officer, Emily Rudin | August 15, 2017

Yesterday, Forrester Research, Inc. released its much anticipated “The Forrester Wave™: Customer Loyalty Solutions, Q3 2017” report. I am really excited to share that their research identified CrowdTwist as a Strong Performer.

For background, the Forrester Wave™ is a heavily researched evaluation of vendors across various markets. In this particular iteration, we believe it helps inform companies about the qualified vendors in the loyalty marketing space. Forrester evaluated 13 vendors against 30 different criteria, grouped into three broad categories: Current Offering, Strategy and Market Presence. Based off these evaluations, vendors fall into one of the following categories: Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers.

I am thrilled with where we have placed in this Forrester Wave™. Forrester stated “Over the past two years, it [CrowdTwist] has invested in expanding its loyalty platform functionality, growing its analytics capabilities, and building out a more robust services offering to support clients that prefer to outsource program operations.” I feel that their assessment makes evident our dedication to continuous improvement, and the report highlights throughout the key areas we deliver value for our clients.

Forrester recognized that CrowdTwist is among players in the industry that have always gone to market with a SaaS loyalty platform. Now according to this research, other key industry players are following suit because SaaS configuration and cloud-based deployment options “better meet client requirements, improve their scalability and time-to-market, and ensure all clients have fast access to updates and new functionality.” I believe that we’re a SaaS pioneer in our space and we’re able to meet the evolving needs of our clients by staying ahead of the curve and prioritizing platform delivery and functionality.

The report also finds that the evaluated vendors presented road maps focused on “breaking the loyalty program mold”, and that these vendors “presented visions addressing both the behavioral and emotional needs of consumers and increasing customer engagement.” Forrester then went onto cite that CrowdTwist’s loyalty offering centers on impacting “influenceable customer moments” whether they are related to a transaction or not, and that it offers “over 100 rewardable activities out of the box including social, referral, and advocacy-related interactions.” I’m delighted that Forrester recognized CrowdTwist for enabling engagement-based loyalty programs, especially since 58% of the 99 clients of the vendors surveyed in this report stated the primary business objective of their loyalty program is to engage customers.

I believe that another key area we were able to demonstrate strength in is in our people and our expertise. The research cited that CrowdTwist is closing gaps in its industry-specific knowledge and is viewed by its clients as a “hands-on partner.” One reference quoted in the report complimented our account management, stating that it “feels like our project team is working on our program only, even while they are supporting other clients.” I’m so proud of the team we’ve built at CrowdTwist. I can say with confidence that our clients are supported by passionate loyalty experts who are dedicated to building partnerships and driving innovation.

In my view, Forrester’s evaluation of CrowdTwist demonstrates the strength of our technology and our commitment to providing our clients with the engagement tools they need to build stronger, more profitable relationships with their customers. We will continue to evolve, innovate and position ourselves as the premier provider in our space.

I want to thank all of the clients that support us, and our vision. I encourage all brands to learn more about CrowdTwist’s multichannel loyalty and engagement solution. 


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