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Battle for the Sexes: The 2016 CrowdTwist Gender Loyalty Report

January 23, 2017

Men and women have different opinions when it comes to brand loyalty. As such, marketers need to treat each gender different to win their loyalty. CrowdTwist conducted proprietary research to uncover these differences. In this exclusive report explores how men and women define brand loyalty, their activity in loyalty programs, and the way loyalty initiatives, rewards, and incentives impact behavior. Learn:

  • What types of engagement-based activities are more meaningful to women versus men
  • Which rewards men and women find most valuable in a loyalty program
  • What key strategies will drive greater brand engagement and affinity
  • Which customers make the best advocates for your brand 
  • And much more!
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Change is Good, Even for Loyalty Programs
Change is Good, Even for Loyalty Programs

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