The ROI Of Customer Loyalty

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The ROI Of Customer Loyalty Business Case: The Customer Loyalty Playbook by Emily Collins and Reggie Lau June 1, 2017 FoR B2C MaRkEting PRoFEssionaLs fORResTeR.COm key takeaways B2C marketers struggle To make The Case for Long-Term Investments In Loyalty Companies still invest more in customer acquisition than customer retention. to change this model, B2C marketers must take a thoughtful look at the costs and benefits of loyalty and explain how it will drive incremental value. forrester's TeI framework Helps marketers Develop A Business Case We present a model for capturing Roi that balances the complexity of loyalty investments. it breaks down benefit and cost components while factoring in risk and efficiencies. Customize The model To fit Your Unique Program Requirements the model is an interactive workbook that readers can change to fit specific technology costs, program components, and objectives. Why Read this Report Loyalty programs help companies identify and collect rich data about their best customers in order to reward, recognize, and retain them. this report helps B2C marketing professionals make the case for investment in a loyalty program. it provides a return on investment (Roi) model for loyalty program expenditures using Forrester's total Economic impactâ„¢ (tEi) framework.

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